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This is the online home of Royal Point Kennels. I run a very small breeding program focusing on high quality, well loved wirehaired pointing griffons. Please look around and seeFlo what's going on at the ranch.

Royal Point Kennels was developed for the love of the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. The breedings have been producing some of the best Griffons in the US. Puppies are raised in a loving home environment.

I have puppies available NOW! (1/28/2018) For more information please call 530-675-9175.

Patch's Story

By Tom Watts

I have been and hunter for most all of my life. There have been dogs of my own and dogs that belong to others. Many have been good dogs; many have been great. As a hunter, I have extremely high demands of my canine hunting partners. I am a taskmaster without being like a redneck Hitler. I have raised and trained several labs, others have been professionally finished. I know a good pups when I see it.

Patch (Royal Point’s Sir Patch, if you must) was from Sir Ruckus and Lady Guinevere from Royal Point Kennels owned by Ginger Hughes. What a find! What a Pup! I have become smitten by the Griffon! I spent two years looking at the breed, one year convincing my wife, and one month convincing Ginger Hughes that I would not wreck the breed. I picked Ginger Hughes as the breeder because she picked me.

Patch came home at 8 weeks. It was immediately apparent that he had a HUGE chase instinct. If it moved away, he was on it. We played this game for hours until he fell asleep on his feet.

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